Having been actively painting murals in all Australian states spanning a period over 3 decades, the people within the booming street art culture are certainly no stranger to my art.

Graffiti has always been my main drive in life and I’ve striven for originality and uniqueness within my lettering combination’s, color schemes and patterning throughout each step of my creative evolution.

There are no lines drawn in the sand with this form of art which to Me is what makes it the most exciting art movement of all time and I’m proud to have dedicated the majority of my adult life practicing it.

 It has taken me to some mind blowing places, led me to some unbelievable situations (both good and bad), introduced me to some of the most awesome people on earth filling my mind with enough memories and stories to last several life times.  It is a culture and a lifestyle with the ‘amplifier’ set to maximum.

All of this has had a profound impact and influence on me that I try to express each time I paint.

Now after much planning, organizing, and ample requests I have decided to lend the name JINKS ONE to my own unique brand of custom made one off ‘wearable art’ pieces for people to enjoy. Each piece is made  with all the same energy and flare I put into my large scale work. I hope you enjoy what is on offer here at JINKS ONE.


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